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Sewer Services in Las Vegas

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Frequent clogs, slow drains, unexpectedly high water bills—these may all be the result of sewage system backups or piping failures. Either way, it’s time to call in a professional to get to the bottom of the problem. Sewer-related issues can be unsanitary, so it’s always best to act especially fast when faced with these types of plumbing problems.

The Honest Plumber Sewer Services & Solutions

Sewer problem? With over a decade of experience working in and around the greater Las Vegas area, we know what works and how to get the job done fast in both commercial and residential sewers. Here’s how our fully-trained and certified experts can help:

  • Sewer Repair: If your sewer main line is damaged in any way, we will isolate the issue and get it fixed fast. We use a variety of safe and secure tools and technology find the problem without causing further damage to your pipes or sewer system.
  • Sewer Replacements: Is your sewer frequently backing up? Even if it’s doing so more than once a year, a replacement may be in order. You never want to mess with the unsanitary mess that comes with sewer damage. Our sewer replacement experts can help keep your property clean while keeping you safe and healthy.
  • Water Jetting: High pressure water jetting is an extremely safe method of not only completely eradicating sewer clogs, but of cleaning your pipes. Water jetting helps reduce the risk of a future clog.
  • Pipe Patching: An affordable option if done by an experienced professional, expert pipe patching can help alleviate leaks and other problems due to damaged sewer piping systems.

Don’t wait when it comes to potential sewer system problems! Give the team at The Honest Plumber Heating and Air a call today!