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Repipe Services in Las Vegas

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Pipes deteriorate with age. There’s no getting around it. Yes, some pipes, when properly maintained, will last longer than others, but none will last forever. If yours is an older home or structure, and you find that you are frequently scrambling to repair leaks, it is most likely time for a repipe solution.

Top Signs of Piping Failure

While any of the following symptoms clearly indicates plumbing-related problems, these are most likely caused by pipe deterioration. Be on the lookout for the following signs of troubled pipe lines:

  • Frequent Leaks
  • Discolored Water
  • Visible Signs of Corrosion on Exposed Pipes
  • Reduced or Inconsistent Water Pressure

If your residential or commercial space is experiencing any of these signs, please do not hesitate to give us a call. The sooner piping problems are managed the better. Waiting may only increase repair costs and potential damage.

Repipe Solutions with The Honest Plumber Heating & Air

There are always options. And our trained professionals are here to help you choose what’s best for your unique situation and challenges.

  1. Exposed Replacement: Exposed replacement is the replacement only of pipes that aren’t hidden behind the scenes. Provided safe camera inspections reveal hidden pipes are safe, exposed replacement may be a good temporary solution. While total replacement is something that should definitely be considered for the future, exposed replacement should manage immediate concerns.
  2. PEX Piping: Another more or less temporary solution is PEX piping installation. PEX piping can be snaked directly into your existing pipes to strengthen them and prevent leaks.
  3. Total Replacement: Total pipe replacement is the swap out of the entire piping system in your home or business. This will not only increase the overall value of your home or business, but it makes for a safe leak-free environment. Total pipe replacement brings peace of mind and decreased utility bill expenses.

Pipe leaks can quickly escalate to full-scale plumbing emergencies. Don’t wait. Call The Honest Plumber today and find out what repipe option may work best for you.