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Pipe Patching in Las Vegas


Need a pipe repair, but worried about plumbers digging up your property? We don’t blame you. And we’re here to tell you there are a variety of non-invasive solutions that we bring to the table. Pipe patching tops the list.

If your pipes are leaking, you’re probably experiencing high utility bills, puddles, and perhaps even flooding of your home or landscape. If this is happening, please call a trusted plumber right away to ensure the situation doesn’t get worse. At The Honest Plumber Heating and Air, our pipe patching professionals arrive on time, in uniform, ready to get the job done fast.

What is Pipe Patching?

Pipe Patch is an advanced plumbing product that aids in repairing pipes. Pipe patching is the process by which our trained professionals apply it. What’s nifty about pipe patching is the product is applied from the inside of the pipe ensuring its sturdiness. There’s little to no digging or trenching necessary. Pipe patching is a clean and simplified way of repairing pipe damage and fusing misaligned pipes together.

What are the Benefits of Pipe Patching?

A safe and affordable method of repairing pipes, pipe patching, when properly applied by a professional, gets the job done. Some advantages of going with the pipe patch solution include:

  • Maintains integrity of property and landscape
  • Reduces costs associated with digging and trenching
  • Very effective in stopping and preventing pipe leaks
  • Fuses misaligned or wrongly-sized pipes
  • Prevents pipe leaks caused by root intrusion

It is important to note that pipe patching cannot cure every piping problem. There are times when pipe replacement becomes necessary both for safety and cost-effectiveness. That said, we’ve found there’s a very high success rate with pipe patching in both residential and commercial spaces throughout the greater Las Vegas area.

Find out if Pipe Patching is the best solution for your pipes. Call us today!