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Sewer Camera Inspection in Las Vegas


Posted on January 23, 2015 by admin in Drain Clearing

We've been talking about heating a lot lately in these blogs, but don't forget that your plumbing needs some professional care this winter too! It won't always be so cold in Las Vegas, but you will always need your pipes and drains to be running smoothly to get you through Continue Reading →

Furnace Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV


Posted on January 21, 2015 by admin in Heating

It's the middle of winter, and hopefully you're safe and warm in your homes each evening, perhaps enjoying some hot cocoa or decaf coffee by the fire. January can be nice if you do it right! Part of making sure that you are safe and warm all winter long, however, Continue Reading →

Furnace Replacement in Las Vegas

Tech and Furnace 2

Posted on January 13, 2015 by admin in Heating

How can you tell if you need furnace replacement?
It's the middle of winter, and boy is it cold here in Las Vegas! If your furnace is working properly, you should be coming home safe and warm after work and feeling cozy in your home — but if your furnace is old, outdated, Continue Reading →

Benefits of Tankless Water Heating in Las Vegas


Posted on December 31, 2014 by admin in Plumbing

In our last blog, we talked about why getting a tankless water heater might help homeowners not only avoid the hassle of having to upgrade when their outdated water heater fails but also make daily life more comfortable. We want to go further into the benefits of tankless water heating in today's Continue Reading →

Tankless Water Heating in Las Vegas

IMG_0383 (3)

Posted on December 29, 2014 by admin in Plumbing

Now that the DOE is changing the energy efficiency standard for water heaters in 2015, homeowners need to act fast if they're looking for water heater replacement. After April of next year, manufacturers will stop selling older models, which means that people with older water heaters won't be able to Continue Reading →

Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement in Las Vegas

Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater

Posted on December 18, 2014 by admin in Plumbing

The holiday season means that your plumbing is under more stress than usual. Lots of guests coming around to celebrate, lots of cooking, and lots of activity means that you may need to be prepared for plumbing problems. Of all of these potential issues, the worst is probably water heater Continue Reading →

Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement in Las Vegas


Posted on November 26, 2014 by admin in Plumbing

Standing in the shower, water sprays down upon your face. Your body is still frozen from the January air freezing the Las Vegas valley. All you want is a steady spray of piping hot water. Instead, you get an icy cold trickle that hardly covers your body. The question arises Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Plumbing Services


Posted on November 24, 2014 by admin in Honest Plumber News, Plumbing

Let’s face it, when a plumbing issue arises, speed and cost savings are paramount. No one wants to deal with a leaky pipe or faulty toilet more than they have to. What if you can get both fast-response and cost-savings with top-notch customer service? Those are only some of the Continue Reading →