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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Las Vegas

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The bottom line is this: air conditioning maintenance is the cost-effective key to longevity. At The Honest Plumber Heating and Air, we believe in being prepared and in taking action before cooling emergencies occur.

The Advantages of Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance means not having to think or worry about your cooling systems post-installation. We think you deserve a full-service air conditioning provider; one that ensures your residential or commercial space is completely set up with scheduled maintenance you don’t even have to think about. With our scheduled maintenance plans, you will:

  • Receive Priority Service
  • Prevent Larger, More Costly Problems
  • Create Safer Environment with Clean, Fresh Air
  • Have Peace of Mind

Our goal is to set scheduling, pricing, and maintenance needs ahead of time, so all we do is show up and do our job without disrupting you, your family, or business.

How The Right Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Can Save You Money

Stay healthy and save! Not only will proper care and maintenance ensure the safety of your air conditioning systems and the cleanliness of your breathable indoor air, it will save you money. Scheduled maintenance with The Honest Plumber Heating and Air helps customers reduce costs by…

  • Decreasing Monthly Utility Costs
  • Reducing the Chances of Major Repairs
  • Extending Equipment Life and Longevity of Air Conditioning System
  • Increasing ROI of Home or Business at Time of Resale

Of course the professionals at The Honest Plumber Heating and Air are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week should an emergency occur, but we know from experience that with proper maintenance, most emergencies can be avoided.

Don’t hesitate. Call today and find out how to stay cool by signing up for one of our affordable air conditioning maintenance plans.